Coach’s Corner

All I want for Christmas is a bodyweight snatch PR.  So come on now Santa–is that too much to ask!?!?  Or maybe I’ll wish for handstand walks, a 400lb deadlift, a 200lb press and a 315 Squat…  Well, ok, there’s plenty more than one single thing I want for Christmas and I know that wishing for Santa to provide them isn’t going to make them come. At CrossFit Monterey we know that it is the hard work we put in during the WOD that will get you the ‘gifts’ you are working for, not wishes to a jolly old bearded fat man, trust me on that.  So keep your goals in mind if you take time off your training.  Keep your eyes on the prize at your holiday meals and indulge with moderation.  Be prepared to do work. Staying healthy and making progress are never easy, add the temptations and stress of family and the holidays and some people completely go off the rails.

So now matter what you do for the holidays, remember all the hard work you’ve put in and don’t become part of ‘the crowd of statistics’. Who do I mean? I think you know them, they are that crowd whose holiday heating gets them in dire need of New Year’s resolutions and yo-yo diets come January 1st. Soon they will cram into globo-gyms across the country, They will soon after become part of the statistics that we hear about over and over each year, about how many people will start working out on New Years day, and how many of them won’t be in the gym on January 30th.  Stay focused on your fitness during this crazy/jolly time of year.

With all that said here’s a quick run down of things you can get for the CrossFitter in your life, or add to your own wishlist this holiday season. From big to small here are some simple ideas to keep you focused on fitness and make the WOD a bit more merry for the yuletide season:

  • Get a good gym bag. Sounds unnecessary to many of us at first, but having a well organized and stocked gym bag makes getting to the gym and getting after the WOD much, much easier.  A bag, whether its is from Nike, KING KONG or LuLuLemon is like a portable gym locker to keep everything from your water to keys, phone, sweat towel and all the other goodies on this list. Make it distinctively yours and fill it with all your needs.
  • A personal jumprope makes for a WOD anywhere, anytime.  Think about how often you rush to get that one rope on the rack that you can do ‘perfect’ double-unders with. It’s just the right length, the handles fit your hand expertly and it flies through the air with ease. Now put that jumprope in your gymbag and you’ve got it anywhere you go without one of the coaches assigning you 500 burpees for theft of gym property. Check out a Rogue speedrope, RxRopes of a good Buddy Lee rope, but check them out.
  • Tape. There’s never enough and it’s never the kind you want, unless you bring it yourself.  I prefer cloth athletic tape some people prefer the nylon medical tape.  One inch or two? This is another thing where personal preference comes in and having it handy makes the WOD more comfortable and keeps the focus on your fitness instead of cleaning your DNA off a bar.
  • Oh, you bet your ass I’m gonna bring up shoes. Whether it’s vibram five fingers or oly lifting shoes there are advocates within CrossFit and within our small community for wearing all kinds of things on your feet.  The point is to know that certain shoes are better for specific activities.  Weightlifting shoes are available online and can be viewed in person at Play-it-Again sports in Santa, Cruz.  VFFs are good but you should work your way from your old Reebok Pumps/Nike Shox to a barefoot style shoe gradually. As you work your way through the spectrum of minimalist shoes you’ll find something with little drop (difference in sole thickness from heel to toe) like Adidas Sambas or Puma S-Streets works best for all types of workouts.
  • And you know you betta know what time it is… Even if you don’t want to be a contestant on ‘Flavor of Love’ you may need to keep track of your own junk at times.  A timer like the GymBoss is a soul-crushing tabata timer extraordinaire. Many sports watches have similar timers and ways to track your rounds, splits, and personal speed.
  • A personal painball. If you haven’t seen MobilityWOD then leave here immediately.  Coach K-Star, aka Kelly Starrett, Phd in Physical Therapy, provides numerous simple lessons in self-torture…I mean self help for the athlete.  Put a simple lacrosse ball in your bag and learn how to use it.  Soon you’ll be finding relief from soreness in the office, on the ride home, everywhere.
  • Give the gift of bodywork.  If you are still sore and tight go see our own Rob Fontecchio and get yourself some body work, it is both rewarding and worthwhile. Rob’s massage thereapy is accompanied with personal instruction on how and what to stretch and mobilize to avoid getting yourself a tight mess all over again after your visit to his table.

There’s an old saw about putting your gear on and lacing up your shoes when you don’t feel like getting to the gym or going for a run.  So pack your bag to get into CrossFit Monterey this holiday season.  Make the effort to be prepared and you’re half way into the gym.  That’s just a quick list of things you can do to and gear to consider. What is on your wishlist? What have you go that should make any CrossFit Monterey athelete’s day? Post  your own ideas and must-haves to comments.

-John Hoffner


4 responses to “Coach’s Corner

  • mandy

    Nice John! I’ve never stepped foot in a lululemon store, but now I’m certainly curious. For all you girls who are trying to keep your legs bruise free, I recommend some nice, thick, knee highs. The wide variety of colors available fulfill every womans need to be fashionable…or in my case..just plain tacky:). I also give a shout out to the elastic headband..they’re totally functional, and can be used as a slingshot to fling objects at people. Win-win!

  • crossfitmonterey

    Love this, John! -Jacob

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