Coach’s Corner

Lets Get Physical

Oh my God Becky! Look at her BUTT!

Okay..don’t feel bad if you did not get my reference to Olivia Newton John’s “Lets get physical.” It is circa 1981, so I understand.  However, if you did not get my reference to Sir-mix-a -lots”Baby got back,” then you live under some form of communist regime, and must be educated on why these two songs can help you thrive in Crossfit.

Let’s start at the beginning shall we… A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Olivia Newton John came up with the greatest idea for a song, and the worst idea for a video. You want to know why we Crossfitters do NOT use machines in our workouts? Watch this music video and try to not vomit..Heck amrap it…see how long it takes you to physically upchuck. “Physical” enough for ya?  The “in shape” boys in these videos are a perfect example of what I refer to as DMO’s, or, “display models only,” tighty whities… ewwww… Basically, sure they look good, all plasticy and shiny on the outside, but performance wise they are KAH-PUT. Give them something heavy to lift or ask them to snatch 100lbs and they will not be able to perform.. but I can tell you right now that not only can the boys in our gym lift way more than DMOs, they do it without white spandex…I think… that’s a story for another time. Anyhoo, moral of the story , machines don’t really make you strong! They don’t teach you proper body positioning. Machines don’t teach you technique, and they don’t teach you how to use your body in the real world. You know, a few synonyms for the word “physical” are “solid, concrete and substantial.” You are not display models guys! In Crossfit YOU are your own machine. You generate the power to move heavy things from the floor to overhead, and if you choose to wear tighty whities while doing so, then so be it cause, “Baby Got Back!”..Which leads me to my next rhythmic mover and shaker, Sir-Mix- a Lot…
Well, I got you out of the 80’s at least. Welcome to 1992 my friends! Magazines all over the world were plastering paper thin, emaciated models on their covers,and telling us, this was beautiful… riiiiiiiiggghhhhtt… Sir-mix-a-lot told the world they should think again. What does this have to do with Crossfit?Well, some of you ladies may have noticed that while you’re definitely looking hotter, healthier and getting stronger, your shirts and pants may be feeling a little tighter, but in different areas…for example, your skinny jeans may not fit over your rock hard thighs that you squat masterfully with:) You may find that your boots feel a little snug over those wickedly awesome calves. Heck, you may even find that a few of your shirts nearly bust at the seams like the Hulk when you reach for your steering wheel.   (Those are your lats ladies, we get them when we do pullups:)…and then there is the ever beloved booty…yep I noticed my pants feeling a bit snug, and then I remembered that I PRd both my deadlift and my squat these past 2 weeks..yeah, probably not a coincidence:) I got stronger, and so are you. Now of course we all have different goals as far as lifting and weight loss, but what’s important is that remember that our main goal in CF is to be HEALTHY. So lift some heavy weight and run your butts off..but not literally, as Sir-Mix-A-:Lot says, a little booty is good!


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