PR Party!

The PR Party is today (Saturday 12/31) at 11:00 AM!  Bring your Game Face!

Post PRs to comments!Image


3 responses to “PR Party!

  • Joshua

    “Annie!” So stoked to be able to do this workout finally! 9:57
    Also PR’d consecutive d/u’s in the first round with 34.

    Did bench press after and got a 255# 1rm. I’m not sure if it’s a PR, but it is a definite best since I broke my collarbone last march.

    Awesome watching everyone, especially the beasts doing the christmas wod! Pete, Greg, krista and Shane!

  • Pete

    Christmas WOD 9:59. Tremendous! I bet Shane beat me. He’s a beast.

    Great job on the Double-unders, Josh! 34 in a row!

    Happy New Years everybody

  • Johnny

    Finished the last day of the first cycle of Smolov, which felt amazing!

    Rowed 500m in 1:24, a PR. I’m excited because most of it was done at a 1:21 pace, so it seems there is more PRing to come!

    Yehaw! Great job everyone! Happy new year!

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