Workout of the Day 1/3/12


Starting today, the gym is back on regular hours (class times + open gym).


For time:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 burpees, with a bear crawl trip across the turf in between each set.

Post time to comments.


6 responses to “Workout of the Day 1/3/12

  • Joshua

    some fun math to get started…so in a workout like today’s or like yesterdays, we are doing a movement in increasing (or decreasing) quantities starting (or finishing) with 1. And if you’re like me you might like to know how many total pullups I did yesterday in my 13 rounds and 6 or how many total burpees I did in todays WOD.
    1+2+3+…+13 pullups, or 1+2+…+10 burpees. You could go through and add that all up manually, but there is some fun series math that has solved that problem and makes for a quick calculation. without deriving it, like this dude pascal did when he was 8 years old or something, the answer is here:

    1+2+3+…+n = ( n * (n+1) / 2)

    So, yesterday I did 13 rounds + 6 pullups = (13*(13+1) / 2) = 13*14/2 = 91 pullups, add those 6 extra = 97pullups!
    and today we did 1+2+..+10 burpees = (10*11)/2 = 55 burpees!

    wasn’t that fun!?

    today’s WOD: 10:16
    the bear crawl was 100′ (there and back on the green turf) not the 10′ feet across the green turf that I was thinking when I read the description here…so, it was much harder than I thought it was going to be! it also allowed me to showcase my gorilla walk.

  • Melody Jones

    Boo burpees indeed!

    Finished that (way more difficult than expected) WOD in 16 minutes flat…pretty freaking slow, but I did it.

    I think I kept getting distracted by Joshorn’s gorilla impression.

  • Aaron Gaily

    Tough first day back! Josh goshorn is truly a bear!
    wod: 12:59

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