Workout Of The Day 3/2/2012

Steven crushes a 300×2 front squat.

The signup sheet for the potluck is on the competition board in the back of the gym.  If you’re coming for the Open WOD on Saturday, please jot down your name and what you’re bringing for the potluck.


Press 2-2-2-2-2

With a running clock, perform 1 pullup the first minute, 2 pullups the second minute, 3 pullups the third minute, etc, until you can no longer keep up with the clock.

Post loads for press and rounds completed for pullups to comments.  Compare to 1/2/2012.


7 responses to “Workout Of The Day 3/2/2012

  • Nicholas Hayden

    Bulgarian split squat 5-5-5: 75-95-115#, first time and weird

    AMRAP 10 minutes of:
    5 DB Squat clean thrusters 55#
    10 burpees

    did 3 rnds + 2, 55# DBs ate me up

  • Krista

    10+9 with green band
    Strict pull-ups became kipping around 7

    Press 65#

  • Ryan Charles

    Snatch 215
    Clean 275
    Front Squat 275

  • Justin McHenry

    12.2 = 54

    If I did it again I would do the first 30 even faster. I would also transition to a full squat snatch after about 25 so the mechanics were there when I transitioned to the higher weight. Good luck everyone!

  • Tiffany Kang Hoffner

    Opens WOD #2 – 61

    Had about 2 minutes left to hit 100# but preggo brain doesn’t like to add kilos and pounds. Had to strip and restack. Waste of a minute, but hit my goal of 60+.

    Good luck tomorrow, errbody!

  • Melody Jones

    12.2: 45 reps
    not quite my overly ambitious goal of 60, but considering my 1RM has been stuck at 78# for a few months, not too bad. Also, as I was warming up, I hit 80# for a power snatch, so I guess that counts as a PR.

    Thanks to everyone there for the motivation and support…and especially thanks to Tiff and John for coaching on my form!!

    Wish I could be there tomorrow, but looking forward to seeing how everyone does…good luck!!

  • Aaron Selph

    Rachel and I WOD’d at Captain Crossfit On wednesday in Prescott, AZ, and I WOD’d at Crossfit Flagstaff on Thursday. CF Flag gave CF Monterey a shout out on their website We will do 12.2 tomorrow morning.

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