Workout Of The Day 3/3/2012

ImageInchworm stampede!

The 9:00 and 10:00 AM classes will be held as normal today.  Heats for Open WOD 12.2 will begin at 11:00 AM.  The potluck will be afterwards.  Good luck everyone!

Post score to comments.


19 responses to “Workout Of The Day 3/3/2012

  • Hoff

    Did 60. Punched myselF in the face with my body weight at :50 to go. Dropped like a hot sack of shit. Tried to pull it again and didn’t get under it. Saw stars. But I’ll take it.
    F that WOD.

  • Aaron Selph

    Did 12.2 at Crossfit Amarillo. Couldn’t consistently get 135. Scored 32. I’m hoping that the 9 hours driving had something to do with it… I’m with John; F that WOD.

  • Rachel Selph

    Did 12.2 at crossfit Amarillo for a score of 57. Pretty happy with that, the weight was not bad, but I know my form needs some work.

  • Ryan Charles

    Worked up to 175 with no hook grip and no foot movement
    No straps 195-205-215
    w/ straps 225

    Good day, made up for a disappointing snatch performance yesterday

  • Aaron Gaily

    Humbling WOD: Technique so key for the snatch. My poor technique enabled me to get 40. A fun day though.

  • Joshua

    12.2: 58
    i did 30 power snatches at 75# and then 28 135# snatch grip ugly pull to chest high then push presses while cussing profusely. bummed i didn’t get the last 2. man, 135# sure felt a lot heavier than 75#! haha.

    • nsteadly

      hahaha it was funny to hear the things that came out of your mouth! anything that helps us get through the workout, right?

      • Joshua

        I was so upset that I don’t know how to snatch! I was yelling at myself/bar because I knew I was doing this workout the most inefficient way. Oh well, sorry ladies and babies for the potty mouth!

    • Rachel Selph

      So with you on that. I got the reps, but I knew that I was mega inefficient. They could have been much faster and cleaner. It’s frustrating to know better but not be able to DO better. Sounds like you made it entertaining anyway! :-). Wish we’d been there!!!

  • Rhiannon

    36 reps. The 6 reps I got at 75# were poor form and super tough! (personal pr though). Much agreed that it is a humbling wod. I enjoyed watching everyone push through the snatch though! Good job everyone!

  • nsteadly

    60 reps. I was dumb/had bad confidence and didn’t get the weights out for 100 pounds. The 60 reps for 45# and 75# went pretty darn easy. Then I scrambled to put 100 pounds on there haha. Tried 100# which I’m pretty sure I could do but not today. Happy with my score!!

    Great job to all the PRs and wod-doers!

  • Krista

    50.. Thanks for the great coaching Tiffany.
    Todd got 55

  • Jessica W.

    37. Thanks to Tiffany for on the spot training. 75 was a PR for me!

  • Michael Woods

    69. Sucked significantly more this time around.

  • Burke Eltringham

    12.2 was all form and technique….. which mine was less than awesome. BIG difference between 75# and 135# for sure…. Big Thanks to John Hoffner for the moto and outstanding coaching. 30 reps at 75#, 22 reps at #135 in 10min. 52 reps total. No-rep’d 4 because of bad technique. ugh.

    Super cool to see so many folks working so hard!

  • Tiffany

    GOOD JOB TO ALL MY LADIES!! Loved seeing PR’s and all the determination to push through this terrible WOD! Can’t wait for next week! 🙂

  • Athena

    Made it just in time.. got in late last night and I had the hardest time enjoying Vegas with 12.2 on my mind. I didn’t want to eat, drink and gamble like a fool. Am I getting old, boring or wise? Anyways, ate and drank wayyyyyy wayyyyy less crap than ever before so PR.. maybe ONE rough night 😉

    Entered 60 reps at 4:43pm today after several password issues…cutting it close with all these dang stress factors.

    I’m happy to be home but I can still hear those flippin slot machines.

  • Chris Toplarski

    34, my goal was 31 because my snatch PR is only 115. Thanks Burke for helping me through those 4 at 135.

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