Workout of the Day 3/23/2012

Be sure to join us tomorrow at 11am for the last WOD in the CF Games Open!


For time:

50 Box Jumps

25 Pull-ups

40 Box Jumps

20 Pull-ups

30 Box Jumps

15 Pull-ups

20 Box Jumps

10 Pull-ups

Post your days training to comments.


22 responses to “Workout of the Day 3/23/2012

  • Flower

    Here I am again!
    Down to do 12.5 at 5pm Friday and maybe again on Sunday afternoon. Counters, coaches, interested participants?

  • Krista

    WOD: 16:35 (21″, RR)
    I followed the WOD with 12.5 because I could anticipate my score.

    12.5: 3 — plus a lot of kipping pull-up work — have the pull-up, but am far from CTB

  • Flower

    Sweet! See you guys at 5pm! Aaaaah! I’m nervous…

  • Rachel Hunter

    I had the same issue with 12.5 as Krista, got a 3. Maybe I will have CTB for next year’s open.

    WOD – 15:25 (ring rows) a full minute faster than last month! And it felt easier, I probably could have pushed myself to go even faster.

  • Athena

    62 reps. (unrx’d since I just recently got my kip – 2 purple bands for C2B).

    Also looking forward to revisiting this wod later..

  • Todd

    12.5 – 58 reps

  • Melody Jones

    this morning I had my PT test (pushups, sit-ups, 1.5 mile run)…got a 92.2 out of 100 (good enough to only need to do it once a year instead of twice)

    this afternoon was 12.5: 43 reps, rx’d (completed round of 9 and then 7 thrusters)…not great, but happy it was rx’d and I beat my (low) goal of completing the round of 6

    great job to everyone today! good luck to everyone who accomplishes 12.5 and/or the mud run tomorrow!!

  • Hugh Williams

    Me, the wife, and Mike Hom wodded it up. I did my version of 12.5 since i cant do the real thing. 8 min AMRAP of 135# front squat x3 and C2B pullups x6. Before that 2-2-2-2-2 of 315# back squats.

    Jeri hooked it up by improving on her last numbers for that Front squat and push jerk super set of doubles at 100#


  • Athena

    BAM! Get some Jeri!!!!

    Today’s wod 12:08, same wod last month 14:11.

    Used box today and thinking I used the tire last time. More confidence on the box. Almost ate it today..phew…

  • Burke Eltringham

    Got some awesome help last night from the CHOMP NICU nurses that let Carrie and I get a few more hours sleep. Two cups of coffee this morning……. 95 reps on WOD 12.5. Made some money on the pull ups. That workout is a dead out sprint. Whoa. Big ups to Cyrus for the moto!

    Super cool experience for my first Crossfit Games. It was awesome to see so many folks out there pushing it to the limit. Great work, everyone, for real.

  • Michael woods

    12.5 round 2: 78 (PR by 1 rep)

  • Ryan Charles

    Snatch 215
    Clean and Jerk 275, Clean 285
    Back Squat 1RM 365
    Bench Press 1RM 270

  • John Hoffner

    Great job all! Wish we could have been there to rock out on 12.5 with you!
    Now we know what we all have got in the tank, let’s get training for 2013!

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