Workout of the Day 3/29/2012


Hey guys, don’t forget to get your registration forms in for the upcoming in-house King of the Peninsula Meet.  You can find information and a printable copy of the reg. form on the facebook event page.  There will be a short meeting April 2nd at 7pm to review the basic rules and layout of a weightlifting meet as well as announce the WOD that will follow the weightlifting portion.


For time:

1 Mile Run

50 Box Jumps 20″

50 Wall-ball shots 20/14

50 Jumping Pull-ups

Compare to February 9th.

Post your training for the day to comments.


4 responses to “Workout of the Day 3/29/2012

  • Jon D. Barnes

    17:24 Rx. Hadn’t done it before so that is my baseline. Considering I told Ryan “I feel like today is a throw up day” right before I started I’ll call this a win.

  • Rhiannon

    Started with the backsquats I missed yesterday got up to 155# a pr for me then did the wod- 16:44 rx (over a min. PR from last time)

  • Michael woods

    16:44. Fun WOD!

  • Tiffany Kang Hoffner

    Haven’t worked out in over a week. And last WOD was 12.5 which I basically stopped doing at about 3 minutes in, so took it “easy…”

    Worked up sets of 5 power cleans, went to 3, then 2 then 1 for 135#.

    WOD: 15 pull ups, 30 kb snatches(25#), 15 ring dips(purple band), 9 pull ups 20 kb snatches, 15 ring dips, 3 pull ups, 10 kb snatches, 15 ring dips.


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