Workout of the Day 3/30/2012

A couple of announcements:

This Monday at 7pm we will be holding the competitors meeting for the in-house King of the Peninsula Meet.  We will review the rules of the competition and reveal the WOD.  Registration is also due at this time.

Next week will be a test week for a new cycle of training.


For time:

20 Pull-ups


15 Pull-ups


5 Pull-ups


Compare to 2/8/2012

Post your days training to comments.


9 responses to “Workout of the Day 3/30/2012

  • Justin McHenry

    I’m in SLO for training and went to crossfit inferno.

    WOD: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
    Of 115# thrusters and power cleans


    Then 1rm clean and jerk 205#

  • Pete

    WOD 16:30ish. 20 HSPUs at the end were brutal!

  • Flower

    6:21, I think?
    Kipped everything except for the first 5 HSPU.
    Also did a round of 10 pull ups instead of the round of 5 because I didn’t pay attention.

    Good break from all the squating we’ve been doing this week!! My lower half is pretty sore!
    …Is it beer time yet?…
    Happy Friday!

  • Jon D. Barnes

    Bench Press: 1×10 (135), 5×5 (185, 205, 215, 225, 230)
    Strict Pull-Ups: 4×6
    GHD: 3×20
    Jump Rope Singles: 2×100 unbroken

  • Rhiannon

    8:40 (used 2, #45 plates for hspu) last time I did this wod it took me 15:20 (same scale)! I got into that hand stand more confidently today, now I have to work on removing some of those plates 🙂

  • Tiffany

    Snatch – worked up to 98#
    Worked squats to hit a 20 rep @115# (sucky!!)

    Then WOD
    3rds, 2 min rest between
    10 pp (65#)
    10 push ups
    10 pull ups
    7:45 total work time

  • Athena

    2 purple bands, kipped.
    pike hspu

    Then decided to try the hspu w a plate and abmat and realized, I could actually do them. Sheesh..guess those will be in store for me next time. Goodbye pikes..goodbyeeeeee…..

  • Jessica W.

    WOD: 7:28. Used an ab mat and one of the thicker 10# plates. Last time I did it a bit faster but used a 45# plate.

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