Coaches Corner 4/8/2012

From Coach John


We all want you to improve.  That’s the first thing I have to say.  Physically, spiritually and mentally—we all want you to come to CrossFit Monterey and take on challenges that make you improve the quality of your life.  Sometimes the process is painful.  It mimics the adaptation found in nature.  Stressors on the body and mind serve to sharpen our reflexes as well as strengthen our bodies, minds and souls.  But the end goal is not the suffering, not to inflict the whirlwind of pain found in the workout of the day—it is to see you rise up after, like the phoenix from the ashes, reborn harder and stronger than before. So let’s talk about a simple way for your to improve without unneeded suffering.


              Your first step is deciding upon your goal.  Decide what you want, analyze it and make it concrete.  Doo you want to ‘get strong’ or do you want to add 50lbs to your squat and 150 lbs to your deadlift? Do you want to ‘lose weight’ or do you have a size 6 dress/jeans you fit into before the baby which you’d like to rock to your high school anniversary this summer? Or do you want look good enough to find the right girl and make a baby? Can’t help you with that one, sorry—but are you training for a triathlon? power lifting meet? black belt test? Do you just want to be hard as hell to kill? Your goals should be specific.

We all need a reason to train, and if you don’t have one you should make one or pick one.  Sign up for a 5k in June, an Olympic weightlifting meet in September, take your first MMA class and look for a competition (amateur first—please) or break out that surfboard with intent to get out there on the waves. Set your sights on a target and talk to a coach about setting and achieving your goals. Goals give us a reason to train, no matter what they may be—they are vital to helping your improve

            To improve everyday is difficult, but it is not unattainable.  You have to want it.  You have to be willing to put in the work, sweat and thought required.  Plateaus will occur, causing stagnation and boredom to rear their ugly heads.  But stay the course!  No strength, speed, stamina or wellness will be gained by changing focus over and over again. You must be diligent and put the work into yourself.

            The next step I’d advise is to stick to the moth@#$@#$ing program.  You will need to lift to get strong, run/row/bike to get stamina, and do CrossFit to get good at CrossFit. But YOU must DO the work. Supplementary work can be found also, and so can a million and one other programs BUT–most of us don’t need to do them! You really don’t need three a days, two-a-days, or CF Endurance one week, then CrossFit Football the next, and a mix of Westside, Wendler and Catalyst programming sprinkled on top.  What you need to do is set your goal, talk to your coaches and follow the programming. Results come from dedication and work.  Let the coaches who set up the cycles for 3-4 months at a time take the thinking out of it for you.  It’s called linear progression for a reason.  If you follow it (along a line) you will make progress. 

            We have a great couple of months ahead.  So hit the gym hard (and rest as you need).  Make a goal and talk to a coach about how your training will help you achieve it.  Then come back at the end of this cycle and see how you improved on the tests you just took this week. If you do, I think you’ll be glad you followed the moth@#$@#$ing program.                        -John


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