Workout of the Day 5/1/2012


Tactical Strength Challenge: Come join us Saturday morning for a fun in-house strength challenge.  Weigh-in’s are at 10:00am and the competition is scheduled to start around 11:00am.  This is for EVERYONE, so put your weak sauce excuses aside and come out and challenge YOURSELF with a bunch of awesome people!


Clean and Jerk Single; Compare to 4/17

AMRAP 5:00; Compare to 4/11

Russian KB Swing 70/55

Post your days training to comments.



13 responses to “Workout of the Day 5/1/2012

  • Pete

    C&J mechanics w/Jacob
    WOD 125 as RXed

  • Joshua

    Worked out at Crossfit NYC

    3×3 deadlift.

    425#x3 but then we were running out of time
    so did 415#x3, and skipped last set.

    800m run (run around two city blocks plus three flights, traffic lights, new Yorkers)
    30 115# snatch
    80om run

    Only one to do it RX from over 20 dudes…skinny city folk

  • Noe

    clean and jerk: 118#
    10 pounds under my PR but it felt to go overhead with no shoulder pain! even 3-4 hours after the fact.
    KB swings : 80 reps, rx
    I don’t know how you all were getting into the 100s! I was happy to just do it rx’ed instead of not like last time.

  • Melody Jones

    C&J: 103# (same as last time, skipped straight to 115#, which is 2# over my PR, and failed 5 times…I will destroy it next time)
    WOD: 55 rx’d (6 fewer than last time, but I blame the 50 DL from yesterday)

  • Jon D. Barnes

    C&J: 195# (10# more than last time but really need to work on my form, felt light)

    WOD: 135 Rx (5 more than last time. I’ll hit 150 on these if it kills me.)

    Thanks for all the coaching on C&J. Felt great today.

  • Melissa

    Deadlift worked up to 3 x 275#
    Kettle: 175 RX’d( +25 from last time)

    : )

  • Rhiannon

    C&J 103#
    KB swings- 101 (did 124 last time- I, too, blame yesterday)

  • Jessica W.

    C&J 93#. 10# under PR.
    WOD: 84 swings, 13 more than last time.

  • Michael Woods

    Benchpress: 5,5,5,5,5,5 reps @ 115,115,115,115,140,170#
    Core Development/Skill WOD: 25 GHD Situp, 3 HPSU (45+10 plates): 4 rounds

  • Jon D. Barnes

    C&J: 195# (10# more than last time)
    WOD: 135 Rx (5 more than last time)
    1.3 Mile jog, (Pose running practice)
    Rowed 6x150m w/45 sec rest, 1x600m

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