Workout of the Day 5/14/2012

Power Clean 10×2 on :120, 70% of 1RM FULL clean

Between sets of power cleans:
Handstand pushups; athlete chooses reps per set

4 rounds for time:
20 pullups
Run to Elder & back
Rest 1:00 between rounds

Post your days training to comments.


9 responses to “Workout of the Day 5/14/2012

  • Pete

    PC 135# + 5 HSPU
    WOD 12:38.

  • Joshua

    AM: 2000y swim workout
    PM: power cleans 150# with 2 hspu (3 first two rounds)

    Wod: sub 8 strict pullups because my shoulder hurts so no kipping

    Post wod fun: row 500m 1:37

  • Rhiannon

    Power Clean 78#+3 elevated push ups
    WOD 12:51 (w/10 pull ups per round)

  • Justin McHenry

    Power Cleans: 175#, HSPUs were my enemy….I think I did 2-2-1 then switched to pike pushups using 30″ box x5

    WOD: 12:57(?) Rx’d can’t wait to have a gym that is not located at the top of a hill….haha, that was a good day of training, and brutally FUN!

  • Michael Woods

    Power Snatch: 175#
    HSPU: 3 per round
    WOD: 15:42 RX (20 pull-ups unbroken…a PR!)

  • Melody Jones

    power clean: 83#
    strict pike pushups: 2
    WOD: 14:39 not rx’d (10 pull-ups, forgot that we had a rest minute until the last round)

  • Hugh Dog

    Did some snatchin instead of PCs, WOD was 14:04 . 3 out of the 4 rounds unbroken (didnt come off bar) pullups

  • Vanessa

    100# power clean
    2 negative handstands each round
    WOD: 17:42 that shit sucked and I went SO SLOW. But I Rx’d it, tore my hands the last 5 pull ups of the WOD….Sad panda lol

  • Jessica W.

    Power clean 73# w/ one HSPU
    WOD: 15:46. Did 15 pullups

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