Workout of the Day 5/23/2012

Pause Clean & Jerk, 1RM; pause for 2 sec. just below the knee on the clean

For time:
Row 1000m
50 thrusters, 45#/33#
30 pullups

Post your days training to comments.


10 responses to “Workout of the Day 5/23/2012

  • Joshua

    Crossfit DuPont
    Bench 5×3 @235# (could have gone up)
    3xmax strict chins 10,9,8

    3 rounds for count
    1:00 40# ball slams
    1:00 double unders

    51 ball slams, 86 d/u’s

    Post wod fun: 100 du’s – took only three sets
    2x500m row with :30 rest

  • Jon D. Barnes

    C&J: 185# Felt light. Tried 205# but it wasn’t happening today.
    WOD: 9:21
    3 min PR from 4 April but I’m sure I did 50 Pull-Ups last time so maybe not so great.

  • Justin McHenry

    C&J Pause @ knee: 205#….weird
    Jackie: 7:32, glad I could do it after last weeks shoulder/back issues….the Doc got me back in the game!!!

  • Rhiannon

    C&J pause: 103#
    WOD 9:22 (sub burpees for pull-ups for arm pain)

  • Jessica W.

    C&J pause: 88#
    WOD: 12: something? RX I added about a minute or so from the last time I did this. The thrusters really got me.

  • Melissa

    C&J Pause @ knee: 123#, PR, first time I actually got the technique, a bit anyway

    Jackie: 7:13. PR my time in April was 8:34

    Overall, Pretty Happy : )

  • Cris

    C&J Pause @knee 185 missed twice finally got it on 3rd attempt

    Jackie @ 8:10 tried fairly hard but was a new wod for me so wanted to feel what 1000m row would do to me

  • Pete

    Jackie 8:03 as Rx’ed. Meh! I’ll be back on Saturday.

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