Workout of the Day 5/29/2012

Back Squat 2RM; goal is for athlete to back squat their CFT from 4/5

3 rounds for time:
10 thrusters, 115#/75#
15 burpees
20 kettlebell swings, 24kg/16kg

Post your days training to comments.


14 responses to “Workout of the Day 5/29/2012

  • Joshua

    2RM BS: 315# (totally wimped out on trying 335#. was in a non-crossfit gym and felt self-conscience about dumping the weight…and no one would be yelling at me to get “up!”)
    WOD: 8:44 —
    that was a lot harder than I was expecting it to be! since all you 4 and 5-pm-ers haven’t done it yet here is my recap.
    i suck at burpees (did them unbroken, but really slowly) and my shoulders were smoked during the last two rounds for the push presses (couldn’t do them unbroken (6, 4). 115# got heavier!) The swings felt like the break part of the workout and did them unbroken, but then left my shoulders smoked for push presses. i expect some studs to bust out some sweet times with fast burpees and unbroken push presses.

    • Ryan Charles

      Hate to burst your bubble Josh but it’s thrusters, not push presses. Nice work with the swings and burpees though getting them unbroken!

  • Ryan Charles

    Afternoon session:
    Front Squat 295 x 2 (10# pr post injury)
    275 x 2 x 2
    255 x 2 x 2

    3 sets:
    5 Pendlay Row (155/165/170) + 10 DB Pullovers 60#

    Barbell Curls
    105 x 5
    100 x 5
    95 x 5

    AMRAP 10:00
    100′ Prowler push +180#
    100′ Right arm farmers walk 70#kb
    100′ Left arm farmers walk 70#kb
    -5 Rounds

    Evening session:
    High Hang Clean 230 x 2 x 5

  • Justin Mchenry

    Make up Murph- 50:50 with 20# vest

  • Athena

    BS: 195
    13:00 mins rx’d

  • Michael Woods

    BenchPress: 5-5-3-3-3-5 reps @ 135-155-185-210-240-265#

    BackSquats: 355 x 2 (PR)

    WOD: 11:04 Rx

    Core Development: 40 Strict T2B

  • Jessica W.

    Back squat x2 150#
    WOD: (not RX, did 65# thrusters) 10:43
    Way to go Athena, RXing it!

  • Aaron Gaily

    Not as brave as Justin doing Murph by himself on a weekday, sheesh showoff 🙂

    Back Squat: 2RM – 265
    WOD: 11:21 rx’d

  • Ryan

    Back Squat 2PM – 255
    WOD: 10:50 rx’d
    thrusters are the work of the devil!

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