Workout of the Day 6/21/2012

Front Squat 2RM

50-40-30-20-10 for time:
Double unders

Post your days training to comments.


6 responses to “Workout of the Day 6/21/2012

  • Jon D. Barnes

    CrossFit Oahu WOD
    15-12-9-6-3, FT
    -DB Hang Cleans (35#)
    -Dynamic Push-Ups (onto 45# plates)
    -Russian Twists (w/ 35# DB)
    -Backwards Jump-Rope Singles
    Mr. Uncoordinated here couldn’t do a backwards single to save his life…

  • a-then-a

    5RM Bench – 115 lbs x 4.
    Mand-Nessa Wod
    7 Rounds
    7 OHS, 63#
    7 box jumps, double tires.
    7 clapping pushups, went to knees on 2nd round.
    Did 6 rounds…to get back to work. Somewhere around 11:30.

    Good stuff! Thanks ladies! My shoulder blade areas feel fantastic! Have to remember that mobility move.

    Bonus: Got the coolest kb charm necklace from V 🙂 Crossfit builds friendships and brings gifts! Yah!

  • Joshua

    FS 2RM: 255#
    Annie: 6:53 for a 3 min PR! Went unbroken for 50,40,20,10 double unders. Probably would have had the 30 if McCormick wasn’t such a hater! Haha! Situps are definitely the bottleneck as I noted Chris J flying by me.

    60 burpees to get caught up. 5:42

  • Ryan

    FS 2RM: 205, failed #2 at 225
    Annie: 7:57 wasn’t even close to Josh. A small amount of pleasure knowing i broke his unbroken streak as I yelled “I hate you Josh.” BTW he was done with 50 D/U when I was working on my first ten!

  • Noe

    FS 1RM because I couldn’t do the second one: 140

    Annie: 11:13 rx
    That sucked and had more near puking moments than I remembered…

  • Ryan Charles

    Snatch 205

    Front Squat 200 x 2 x 8 on :90

    Bench Press 245 x 3 x 1

    Chin-ups 5 x 3

    BB Curls/Band Pull-aparts 3 x 8/12

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