Workout of the Day 6/29/2012

3 rounds for time: 3 clean & jerk, 185#/115# 6 L-pullups 9 ring dips

6x200m sprint Walk back for recovery

Post your days training to comments.


4 responses to “Workout of the Day 6/29/2012

  • Michael Woods

    From CrossFit LaLanne Fitness in SF:

    22-16-10 HSPU & Wallballs

    Scaled HSPU to half reps


  • A-THEN-A

    Be sure you sign up for our FIRST ‘Paleo style food swap’ in the new box. This is your chance to try different recipes and pack some healthy meals for the week. Check out the CFM facebook page for more info.

    Make enough for about 1.5 servings per person.
    Bring empty food containers to collect some delicious food.

    When: Sunday, July 1st @ 1pm.
    Where: Crossfit Monterey

    You can also text me to let us know what you’re bringing or coming! 720.201.4439

  • Justin McHenry

    Went in this afternoon and did the WOW (Workout of the Week): 21-15-9 OHS -T2B (135#/95#)

    what fun that was….8:17 Rx’d

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