Workout Of The Day 8/3/2012


3 sets:
5 front squats, heavy
Rest 2:00
Max rep handstand pushups
Rest 2:00

Strict HSPU are optimal.

4x400m run, full recovery between efforts


Post load/reps for circuit and times for runs to comments.


3 responses to “Workout Of The Day 8/3/2012

  • Krista

    Front Squats: 100#
    HSPU 7 (subbed pike-ish push-ups)
    400m 1:45 (best)

  • Justin McHenry

    “31 Heroes” partner WOD with Chris

    AMRAP 31 minutes
    8×155# thrusters
    6×15′ rope climb
    11×30″ box jump
    Partner works while other partner runs 400m w/45# sandbag, total reps (partners pick up where last one left off)

    We got through 4 rounds + 8 thrusters + 5 rope climbs

  • Joshua

    Worked out at Crossfit palo alto

    HSPU practice. Got a set of 5 unbroken strict for a PR

    AMRAP 10min:
    5 thrusters 135#
    10 toes 2 bar
    5 bar burpees

    Got 5 rounds plus 2 thrusters.

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