Workout Of The Day 8/15/2012


Push Press 1 rep max

Complete as many muscle-ups as possible in 10 minutes.

Post load for push press and reps completed for muscle-ups to comments.


4 responses to “Workout Of The Day 8/15/2012

  • Joshua

    dude, i’m going to to so many muscle ups today.

  • Justin McHenry

    Push Press: 225# for a 10 #PR

    Muscle-ups: 25!!

    Chris nailed 45 m/u

  • Joshua

    push press: 215# — felt twinge in lower back and wimped out on 215 even though i know i got it.

    wod: did amrap 10 min, 5 ring pullups to chest (kinda first part of muscle up), then 5 transition things on the rings. sitting on a band between rings and pulling into muscle up. Awesome amy woods taught me that. got 3 rounds + 5 pullups and 3 transitions. first muscle up coming soon!

    effing Chris Jones got 45 muscle ups in 10 minutes…bee teee doubsss.

  • Ryan

    PP: 215#
    MU: 29 – and it didn’t even make the board!

    NICE job on the 45 Chris!

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