Workout Of The Day 9/14/2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: As you know, we have been adamant lately about asking you to pre-register for classes.  As of Monday 9/17, we will absolutely require that you do so.  Registrations must be made 24 hours before classes.  If you cannot register online for any reason, please call us at the gym and we will reserve your spot, and determine what the issue is.  If you fail to register for a class, and it is full (10 people) when you arrive, we will ask you to wait for the next class.  Thanks!


Back Squat 5-5-5

6×100′ prowler push
Alternate handles at 50′

Go as heavy as possible without the prowler coming to a complete stop at any point except when transitioning handles. Rest while your classmates work.

Post loads for squat and prowler to comments.


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