Workout Of The Day 10/18/2012


Back Squat 8×3 on 2:00, add 5-10lbs from 10/12/2012

Pendlay Row 5×5, use weight used for sets of 4 on 10/11/2012

Post loads used to comments.


5 responses to “Workout Of The Day 10/18/2012

  • Joshua

    I’m still sore from 10/12’s back squats!

    • Hugh

      that’s what happens when you squat as much as you do Josh!

      • Joshua

        tried squatting tonight — but no bueno. did 275# 3×3 on the 2:00min and it was way harder than 305# for all 8 last week. so i jogged on the treadmill like everyone else at LA fitness.

  • athena

    Tiff wod today.

    20 Thrusters
    20 Power Cleans
    20 Push Jerks
    20 Overhead Squats
    20 Front Squats
    *4 Burpees at the top of every minute.
    (Think it turned out to be 60 burpees..that kept messing up my flow!)
    Time: 15:49, Rx’d

  • Jessica W.

    Back squats 8×3: 145 # This is getting exhausting! I am terrified that it will come up again next week.

    Pendlay rows 5×5: 75# went up to 85# for two more sets.

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