Workout Of The Day 12/5/2012


Back Squat 6×2, add load from 5×3 on 11/28/2012


Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes:

5 handstand pushups

15 toes-to-bar

Post load for back squats and rounds completed for circuit to comments.


5 responses to “Workout Of The Day 12/5/2012

  • Rachel

    Back Squat – 200lbs
    WOD – 4+5 (pike push ups)

  • Joshua

    did a bit of rowing (2km) and some double unders (5 min). then tried to do the back squat thingy at 330# but i failed half way through the sets. instead of getting back up there, i decided to call it because who wants to do more squats and then a bunch of hspu and toes to bar. oh, and i’m kinda fighting a cold so don’t want to wipe myself out.

    • Flower

      Excuses, excuses. Good thing you have those, because you definitely wouldn’t have beaten my score today. Just sayin’.

      • Joshua

        I love excuses!!! Haha. And, obvi, I never beat any of your scores, that’s why there was so much hullabaloo about yesterday! 😉

  • Ryan Charles

    Training from 12/6, the comments section is being snarky for me.

    Front Squat 315 x 2 x 5
    Light Snatch (to test out wrist) 95 x 2 x 3
    Snatch Grip RDL 175 x 5 x 3
    Pendlay Row 215 x 6 x 3 w/o straps
    Chin-ups alt. w/ blue band pull-aparts 5/10 x 3

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