Training, Week of 1/14/2013

This is a deload/taper week.  A good few MBBC lifters are competing in the PWA Championships this Sunday.  Those lifters will be tapering for that competition.  The rest of you will be deloading this week, and doing a “mock meet” on Saturday (3 attempts per lift to establish a max.)



Snatch to max

C&J to max

Front Squat 90%x1x1


Snatch or power snatch, 70%x1x1

Clean or power clean, 70%x1x1

*percentages of FULL lift

Light ab work of your choice


Snatch to competition opener

Clean & Jerk to final competition warm-up


Very light snatch

Very light C&J

Maybe 50-60% of maximum for a few singles, just getting loose

1/19/2013 OR 1/20/2013

Snatch to max in 3 attempts

Clean & Jerk to max in 3 attempts


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