Training, Week Of 1/21/2013

IMPORTANT: On Saturday 2/2, we will hold an in-house competition.  I have not yet decided what the competition will be – it will NOT be a traditional style weightlifting meet, and it will not be complete X number attempts at a given percentage.  The buy-in will be the usual $10, winner take all.  I expect you there, so plan accordingly.


Hang snatch to max, then snatch (from floor) max double

Hang clean to max, then clean (from floor) max double

Back Squat 4×4


Jerk from blocks max double, then continue to max single

*rack jerk may be performed from front or back.  If you have trouble getting the bar behind your head or moving straight in the dip and drive, go from behind the neck.  If the bar sometimes feels too heavy on your shoulders or you feel as if your rack position is weak, go from the front.

Pendlay Row 5×3 , CHALLENGE YOURSELF.  Light weights don’t build heavy lifts.

6x50m sprint, brisk walk back for recovery.

Accumulate 2:00 in each side plank and 3×1:00 loaded front plank


Snatch high Pull + Low hang snatch to max.  Snatch heavy single (90%+)

Clean high pull + Low hang clean + jerk to max.  Clean & Jerk heavy single (90%+.)

*low hang = just below knees (A.K.A. second position.)

Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3, ascending


Snatch max single, then max double

Clean & Jerk max single, then max double


Back Squat 5RM

Snatch balance max double, then continue to max single

2 stop clean pull from deficit, 110%x3x3

*2 second pause at false floor and just below knees.  No straps.

Xiaojuns 3×16


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