Training, Week of 1/28/2013


Hang Snatch max double, then snatch heavy single (90%+)

Hang Clean max double, then clean heavy single (90%+)

*Dropping the bar between reps on the hang doubles is fine, but don’t hang about.  Pick it up quick and go again.

Back Squat 4×4, add load from 1/21/2013


Rack Jerk max single, then 80-85%x2x2

Pendlay Row 5×3, add load from 1/22/2013

8x50m sprint, walk back for recovery

3×1:00 loaded front plank, 1×2:00 each side plank


Snatch High Pull + Low Hang Snatch to max, then snatch heavy double

Clean High Pull + Low Hang Clean + Jerk to max, then clean & jerk heavy double

*Doubles should be heavy but not maximal

Front Squat 3×3

*use top set of 3 from 1/23/2013


Snatch to max

C&J to max

*MBBC Saturday morning crew, we will still be holding the scheduled competition.  I will announce the parameters later this week, possibly not until practice on Saturday.  If  you are not participating in this, simply max your lifts as normal.


Back Squat 5RM

Snatch Balance max single, then 80-85%x2x2

2 stop clean pull from deficit, 110%x3x5

*110% of max C&J

Xiaojuns 3×14, same load as 1/26/2013


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