Training, Week Of 3/11/2013


Snatch to max single, then 90%x1x2

Clean & Jerk to planned second attempt, then 90%x1x2

*Two misses allowed on snatch before moving to 90%.  One miss allowed on clean & jerk before moving to 90%, but really you shouldn’t miss anything here.  90% is of TODAY’S singles.

Front Squat 1RM

Barbell Curls, Facepulls


Power Snatch heavy single

Power Clean heavy single

*Not maximal

5 x :30 loaded front plank, 6 x :30 loaded side plank (3 each side)

Band Pull-Aparts and triceps pushdowns


Snatch to planned 2nd attempt

Snatch Pull w/rebend 90%x1x3

Clean & Jerk planned opener

Clean Pull w/rebend 90%x1x3

Front Squat heavy single, then 90%x2x2*

*Not a maximal single. 90% of today’s single for 2×2

Wrist Curls


Snatch to max in 3 attempts

Clean & jerk to max in 3 attempts

*Your first attempt should be your planned opener for the meet.

Back extensions, band leg extensions


Front Squat 1RM

Power Snatch 90%x1x3

Power Clean & Jerk 90%x1x2

*90% of best power variations

Xiaojuns 3×12, same weight as 3/9/2013



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