Workout of the Day 3/13/2013

Justine Snatch Pull


RDL 8-8-8

Pendlay Row 3 x 5; use heaviest weight from last week


For total reps:
AMRAP 4:00 Wall-ball
Rest 1:00
AMRAP 4:00 Push-ups
Rest 1:00
AMRAP 4:00 Swings
Rest 1:00
AMRAP 4:00 Box Jumps

Extra Work

4 x :30 Front Plank

4 x :30 Side Plank/side

Post your loads and reps to comments.


3 responses to “Workout of the Day 3/13/2013

  • Alex

    RDL–3×8@225 (Thr first foray into these gems)
    Pendlays 3×5@185
    WOD=235 (57/43 /100/35)

    A special thanks to Coach Cris Holler and all of the 6:00 am class members. Your great and supportive attitudes make the hard work so much easier!

  • Alex

    Extra work:

    Front planking and posterior chain stretching.

  • Chris L.

    RDL 215lbs
    Pendlay row 165lbs
    WOD: 356 total
    75 box jumps
    150 squats
    66 hand release push-ups
    65 20lbs wall ball
    Great workout!

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