Workout of the Day 03/25/13


1 RM Back Squat



On the minute for 10min:

5 Squat Cleans 135/85

5 Burpees


Extra Work

3×10 Weighted Walking Lunge (5 per leg); DB held at side. GO HEAVY!!!

Accumulate 30 Barbell Rollouts in as many sets necessary.


Post load to comments.


6 responses to “Workout of the Day 03/25/13

  • Joshua

    Worked out in the AM!
    Back squat: 345#. A long ways away from a PR, but it was so early. Seriously, guys.
    WOD: I think I kept pace the first 5 rounds and then I didn’t. Finished the last two rounds in over time.

  • Rachel

    Back Squat – 235 lbs (5 lb PR)
    WOD – Rx (went over time by 1.5 rounds)

  • Flower

    Nice job Rachel and Aaron for PRing!
    I miss you already 6am… 😦
    Nice to see you Joshua!

    • Joshua

      DOC with the big THREEEEEE HUNDOO!!! Congrats!

      it was great seeing you Flower, even though you are now drinking the kool-aid…or pink colored protein shake…

  • Aaron Gaily

    Who is this Flower everyone keeps talking about?? Oh was that that girl working out by herself over on the other side of the gym? haha. Miss ya Flower!

    Finally hit the 300 mark! Stoked. 25 lb PR
    WOD: Finished on all intervals, but scaled to 115 lbs instead of 135.

  • Bailee

    Back squat: 155# (original pr from back in the day, made by accident…)
    WOD: hated every minute of that workout. Finished in overtime

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