Workout Of The Day 4/10/2013


Paused Clean & Jerk heavy double


Dumbbell “D.T.”

5 rounds for time:

12 dumbbell deadlifts

9 dumbbell hang power cleans

6 dumbbell push jerks

15 minute time cap.



2 responses to “Workout Of The Day 4/10/2013

  • Alex

    Paused Clean and Jerk–115 lbs.

    Dumbell D.T.–35 lb dumbells, 11:10

    Extra Credit–5 minute squat test and 3x max front plank, also posterior chain stretching.

    Paul, Chris and Ryan of Crossfit 2–you guys totally inspire! Way to hit D.T with the barbells! Great job everyone! We had a great group today!

  • Ana Banana

    Paused Clean and Jerk–85 lbs.

    Dumbell D.T.–20 lb. dumbells, 7m 10s

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