Workout of the Day 4/12/2013



Pendlay Row 3×5

Turkish Get-up; How heavy can you go


3 Rounds for time:

30 KB swings (53/35)

5 burpees

Extra Work

Accumulate 5 minutes inverted (wall hand stands or free standing) or spend 10 minutes working on kicking up to a hand stand (or holding a pike off of a box)

Post your loads and times to comments.


11 responses to “Workout of the Day 4/12/2013

  • Mandy

    Huge thank you to Robbi for painstakingly organizing the dumbells after the workout last night! Owe you big time girl!

  • Alex

    Pendlay Rows: 195 lbs.
    Turkish Get Ups–35 lbs
    WOD: 4:59. The best part about finishing DFL in a workout is the encouragement from the quick finishers. Thank you everyone! I very much appreciate your camaraderie and encouragement!

  • Alex

    Thanks Josh! Have a great weekend!

  • Aaron Gaily

    2nd day at CrossFit Lahaina in Maui. Awesome box. Worked out with some local bradas 🙂 Day 1 was 6 x 3 Power Snatch with a Power Snatch and Box jump sod. Day 2 was 5×7 speed emphasized front squat with no racks used. Wod was a fun 7 round 5 back to front burpees, 7 push press, 9 lunges with 1.5 pd kb. Great place, recommend it highly if you’re over here.

    • a-then-a

      Luau! If you’re hungry for hunk of fat and juicy meat,
      Eat my buddie Pumbaa here cuz he is a treat!
      (only posted this cause I KNOW you’ll name that cartoon)

      Keep up the great work during your vacay brada! 🙂

  • a-then-a

    Pendlay: 105, then went to 100 on last 2 sets.

    TGU: 60# (+7 PR)

    3 Rnds
    20 KBS, 7 Burpees
    Whiteboard had different numbers..
    3:15 Rx

  • Ana Banana

    Pendlay Row 3×5 @ 75#
    Turkish Get-up: 20kg (PR! It had been forezzz since I did those)

    3 Rounds for time: 3m 42s
    20 KB swings (16kg “Rx)
    7 burpees

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