Workout of the Day 4/24/2013


Bench Press 5 x 3 (Add 5-10lbs from 3/14/2013)



AMRAP 20:00

Run 400m

Max rep pull ups

Extra Work

10 minute squat test

Post your loads and rounds to comments.


3 responses to “Workout of the Day 4/24/2013

  • Alex

    Bench Press: Worked from 225 to 240 (was not in class on 3-14)

    WOD: 6 rounds/52 pullups–Did the rounds on the erg, kept the pace between 1:40 and 1:45. Attaboy to Chris on the erg. You almost went to Boot Hill, but held it together! Way to hang in there!

    Extra Credit: 10 minute squat test, posterior chain stretching and planking.

    Jacob and Ryan–Thank you very much for advancing me to Crossfit2! The last three months have been nothing less than transformative. I cannot say enough good about Crossfit Monterey! Cris, Josh, Mike and Tre–Thank you all for your coaching and encouragement. I truly appreciate all you have done for me!

  • a-then-a

    BP: Shoulder was not happy with me — did warmup sets up to 120#.
    6 Rounds + 200mish
    40 strict (blue band)

    Nooner class was fun! Thanks Mike! Nuthin like going back to the office a HOT MESS. <– yes that's a new sock we have!

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