Workout of the Day 5/7/2013


Every minute on the minute for 10:00 perform:

3 Deadlifts @ 70%

3 Strict CTB Pull-ups


Tabata this stuff

KB snatch(alt arm each round)

Push Press 45/33

KB Swing

Bottom-to-Bottom squat

Hollow Rock

Extra Work

Split Squat 3 x 8; w/ DB’s held at side

2:00 AMRAP Double Unders x 3

Post your loads and reps to comments.


2 responses to “Workout of the Day 5/7/2013

  • Alex

    Strength: Dead lift @ 275 lbs, strict pullups with blue band.
    Conditioning: 365 total reps, worst round 42. Used 35 lb kettlebell and 25 lb dumbells for the push press. Tabata this you say. Death by tabata I say. Killer workout and a great group!
    Extra Credit: 3×8 split squat with 25 lb dumbells. Thanks for showing me Keith! So very not fun after such tabata goodness. Stretching and planking. Thought about double unders on the way home.

  • a-then-a

    Strength: 200# DLs and 2 Strict Pullups for first 5 rounds then banded red+blue for last 5 rounds

    Tabata Sammich! (Score: 40)
    KB Snatches, 16 kg – 66 reps
    Push Presses, 33# – 82 reps
    KBS, 20 kg – 41 reps
    BTB Squats – 74 reps and couldn’t hold a bottom squat for nada!
    Hollow Rocks – 65 reps
    328 reps sounds better….lol..

    Alex – Double Under visualization is key! Unfortunately, they are all no-reps. 😉

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