Workout of the Day 5/8/2013


Snatch + 2 OHS; build to a max set in 20:00



AMRAP 20:00

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats

Extra Work

Accumulate 50 Hollow Rocks

Practice handstands for 10:00

Post loads and rounds to comments.


4 responses to “Workout of the Day 5/8/2013

  • Alex

    Snatch + 2OHS–made it to 125 lbs.
    Cindy: 10 rounds + 5 pull-ups. What a hard working group we had today! Great energy!
    Extra Credit: 50 hollow rocks under the watchful eye of Josh–thank you! Plus stretching.

  • a-then-a

    Loner Nooner:
    S2OHS: 105# (2lb pr)
    Cindy: 12 rnds + 5 + 9. Really wanted 13 rounds. First Cindy Rx’d.

    Alex – Good on ya for hitting up those extra credits!

  • Alex

    Thanks Athena! You are just making me feel good because you dusted me by 2.5 rounds on Cindy! : ) YOU GO GIRL! Excellent work!

    • a-then-a

      Haha Alex! Thanks! All your excitement is contagious and it makes me wanna join the 6am! Feel like I’m missin out!

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