Workout of the Day 5/17/2013


Front squat 3×5 @ 92.5% of 5RM


For time 10 down to 1 of the following:

OHS 95/65

Plyo Push-ups

Extra Work

Back Extentension 3 x 10; add weight if necessary

Accumulate 50 hollow rocks

Post your loads and times to comments.


3 responses to “Workout of the Day 5/17/2013

  • Rachel

    Front Squat – 165 lbs
    WOD – 12:17 (Push ups on 45lb plates)

  • Alex

    Front Squat: 205 lbs.
    WOD: 13:50–Rx’d the OHS, did not RX the push-ups. Did neutral grip handle pushups.

    Extra Credit: 50 hollow rocks, 3×10 good mornings with 45 lb bar. Quads too blown from workout to use back extension.
    Watched Pete and Crystal do a final preparatory workout before the regionals. Inspiring to say the least! Make sure you wish the Crossfit Team members the very best as they head off to the regionals. They have been pouring their hearts and souls into their training for many months!

  • a-then-a

    FS: 155#
    WOD: 7:58 unRxd (Plyos 5 – 5 – 4 – 4 – 3 – 3 – 2 – 2 – 1 – 1, 65# OHS)
    Ext Credit because I knew Alex was gonna do Thanks for the motivation Alex!
    Back Exts 3×10
    30 Barbell Rollouts
    1RM OHS, 135# (7# PR)

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