Workout of the Day 6/11/2013


Push Press 3-3-2-2-1-1


AMPRAP 12:00

7 deadlifts 155/105

12 burpees

20 OH walking lunges 45/25 with rubber plate

Extra Work

3×20 hollow rocks
3×15 Back extensions

Post your loads and rounds to  comments.


5 responses to “Workout of the Day 6/11/2013

  • Alex

    Push Press: 155/165/205
    WOD: 3 rounds +7+9. Cognitive dissonance was achieved when, after the WOD, as I lay for a moment to regain my composure, Coach Jacob sauntered by, wearing his “Ponies Forever” T-Shirt, and called me a “Drama Queen.”
    Extra Work: 3×20 hollow rocks, 3×25 back extensions and mobility work. Thanks to Matt and Kieth for leading the extra work!

  • Jessica Frischling

    Bridgett and I were alone at the 9:00 class, with Jacob closely watching from the side.
    We each PR’d on the push press: me at 75, and Bridgett at 105 and capable of much more. What a nice way to spend the morning.

  • Ana Katz

    Back from a mini-vaycay & my back is tweaked! 😦

    Push Press: 85#
    WOD: 4 even rounds

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