Training, Week Of 6/24/2013

This is the last week of brutal, soul crushing back squat volume, partially so that we can start pushing the front squat and shifting into our competition prep phase for the Kono, but mostly because I’m tired of you all complaining about how you “can’t snatch and clean & jerk anymore” and you’re “going to die.”

Also, take note that as of this week, there are no longer separate strength and technique groups.


Snatch high pull + Hang Snatch, build to max

Snatch heavy double

Clean high pull + hang clean + jerk, build to max

Clean & Jerk heavy double

Notes: The doubles are NOT maximal, just a solid work set

Back Squat 5×3 for guys, 8×3 for girls, add load from 6/17/2013

10 minutes of Turkish Get-Ups, 24kg/16kg


Snatch from boards 75%x2x6 on :90

Notes: Roughly the front 1/3 of your foot should be off the board.

Jerk from blocks, 85%x2x8

Notes: Rest sixty seconds between sets

Pendlay Row 5×3, use top set from 6/18/2013

4×15 back extensions, add load if desired


Snatch max double, then 95%x1x3

Clean & Jerk max double, then 95%x1x3

Notes: Percentage for single is of today’s max double.

Front Squat 6×2 for guys, 10×2 for girls, add load from 6/19/2013

Accumulate 2:00 in L-Sit


Snatch 5 attempts at 90%

Clean & Jerk 5 attempts at 90%

Notes: You get 5 attempts, NO MORE. Goal is to go 5/5.


Back Squat 5RM

Jerk from blocks, build to max

Clean from boards, 75%x2x6 on :90



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