Workout of the Day 6/28/2013


Deadlift EMOM for 8:00

80% x 3


3 Rounds
5 Front squats @80% of 1 RM
10 OH walking lunges
100′ bear crawl

Extra Work

Accumulate 10 min handstand work
– 5 min squat test

Post your loads and times for comments.


One response to “Workout of the Day 6/28/2013

  • Alex.

    Deadlift: 305 Lbs.
    WOD: 7:38 Rx’d–Front squats with 205. It was great to do today’s workout with Mark, Ilia and their baby! Our shenanigans definitely kept her amused!
    Extra work: 5 minute squat test and mobility.

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