Workout of the Day 7/1/2013

Holiday Hours:

We will be closed starting Thursday July 4th through Sunday July 7th.  There will be open gym hours on Friday which we will post to the business page.  Saturday we will be having our HUGE group WOD with Systematic CF!  You can find more information about that at the gym, and you can sign-up if you plan on participating for free on our mindbody site.

Everyone have a safe and awesome July 4th.  ‘Merica!


Back Squat 3RM


For time
30 Cleans 185/135
At the top of every min perform 3 burpees

Extra Work

Not for time
2 Rounds
15 KB swings
7 Barbell rollouts
5 GHD razor curls

Row 500×3 cool down. Not for time

Post your loads and times to comments.


2 responses to “Workout of the Day 7/1/2013

  • Alex.

    Back Squat: 360 lbs. (PR) The PR’s were dropping like flies today! Mark and Ilia also PR’d on their last day with us. Mark and Ilia you will be missed. You brought great attitudes and smiles, not to mention the cutest baby ever, to 6:00 am! Good luck in RIO!!
    WOD: 8:23–used 55 lb dumbells.
    Extra Work: 2×15 KB swings and 7 barbell rollouts. 1500m on the erg to cool down. Thanks Kieth for joining in on the extra work.

  • Rachel

    Back squat – 225 for 1 in warm up, attempted 240, failed, 0 reps
    WOD – 4:55 Rx

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