Workout of the Day 7/3/2013


Clean 80% x 2 x 3, 85% x 2 x 2, 90# x 1 x 2


4 Rounds for time
21 KB swings 24/16kg
12 Dead lifts 225/135
Run 400m

Extra Work

5 rounds not for time
2 Muscle ups
20 double unders

DB Bench 3×12
Seated Press w DB 3×10

Post your loads and times to comments.


One response to “Workout of the Day 7/3/2013

  • Alex.

    Weightlifting: Did Clean Deadlifts (bad shoulder, cannot clean) 185lbs./225 lbs.
    WOD: 20:26–Killer!!! 44lb Kettlebell/225 lb. Deadlifts/400m on the erg
    Extra Work: Worked on Double unders a bit, 3×12 DB Bench 60/70/70, 3×12 DB shoulder press–Arnolds @ 30 lbs.
    Looking forward to lots of Fun this Saturday with Systematic Crossfit and the Massive Group WOD!!

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