Workout of the Day 8/12/2013


Push Press 5 x 3; add 5lbs. from 7/31


5 Rounds for time

6 Snatches 135/95

8 pistols (or 16 weighted jumping air squats)

Extra Work

Skull Crushers 3×20 (light)

Max negatice HSPU in 3min


Every min on the min perform 3 Strict HSPU for 5 min

Post your loads and times to comments.


3 responses to “Workout of the Day 8/12/2013

  • Rachel

    Push Press – 100 lbs
    WOD – 10:04 Rx

  • Alex.

    Push Press: 145 Lbs.
    WOD: 7:51–Went with 95 lbs on the snatches. Right leg pistols were good, left leg, not so good.
    Extra Work: 3×20 Scullcrushers @ 20 lbs., EMOM 3 high angle incline pushups for 5 minutes. Thanks to Keith and Todd for jumping in on the extra work today!

  • Joshua

    Push press 5×3: 195#
    5 rds: 6 snatch 135#, 12 goblet squats 2 pood
    13:29 I think. And a few pistols first round before I punted and switched to g squats.
    Man, that gassed me. Blue lips and all.

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