Workout of the Day 8/13/2013


Front Squat 1RM


For Time

30 pull ups

run 400

20 pull ups

run 800

10 pull ups

run 1200

Extra Work

Weighted Plank (center) accumulate 4min

8 min Transition work on rings (muscle up turnover)

Accumulate 5-10 Strict muscle ups

Post your loads and times to comments.


3 responses to “Workout of the Day 8/13/2013

  • Alex.

    Front Squat: 305 Lbs. (PR). PR’s were dropping like flies in 6am–Keith and Amy also hit new marks!
    WOD: 17:25–Did rows of 500m/1000m/1500m, used two blue bands with the pull ups, which degraded into jumping pull ups at the end. Killer workout with the rowing and pullups. Just like the old days!
    Extra work: Some planking during which I almost killed Paul 9000 with a plate and mobility work. Muscle ups–so nice of you to offer them, but no thanks.

  • Joshua

    Front squat: 275# was easy, went straight to 305# and missed it.
    Wod: 14:49.

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