Training Week 1 August 19th – August 25th

Welcome to week 1 of our 12 week training program.  There will be a slow build up of work volume over the next 3 months.  The first of 3 months will focus on initial strength development and a lighter exposure to running volume.  This first week we will be setting up a lot of initial numbers, so place more focus/emphasis on the 1RM’s and TT’s(time trials).  We will be going off of these numbers for a while.  If you have any questions about training, either speak to me at the gym, or leave them here in the comments section.



Back Squat 1RM
90% x 2 x 3

Press 1RM
90% x 2 x 3

3 x 20 Weighted walking lunge; hold db’s at side, 10 per leg
3 x 10 DB Bench Press

*You will perform both movements back-to-back with a short rest (2:00-ish) after the bench press.

2 x 400m TT; Full recovery between efforts, max effort on each



1 Mile TT

AMRAP 5:00
10 Burpees; jump onto 45lb. plate
5 Power Cleans; 75% of your clean 1RM; if you do not have a 1rm clean, use a moderately heavy pair of dumbbells.



RDL 5-5-5; each set is increasing in weight, 5-10lb. increases between work sets.

Pull-ups 2 x Max; full recovery between efforts

Back Extension 3 x 8

10 x 100m Sprint; every minute, don’t deviate more than +/-:04 between efforts
Penalty: 5 Burpees per :01 deviation.  Perform penalty burpees after you are finished with the sprints.






Back Squat 75% x 5 x 3; % based off 1RM at beginning of week

2 Power Cleans + 2 Front Squat + 2 Push Press Max; Perform full sets adding weight each time until you hit a max weight.

10 x 100′ Prowler Push; high handle down and back, alternate with partner.  Use light loading, ladies no more than +50lbs., guys no more than +90lbs.



5k Time Trial





2 responses to “Training Week 1 August 19th – August 25th

  • Aubrey Irizarry


    For those of you who are doing this program w/us, we are shooting to meet at 5 every day on the weekdays, to work out. The more the merrier! Shoot, Ryan if you are free/not teaching at those times your input/motivation would be greatly appreciated as well! I know Jayci, Tara and I are planning to meet at 5.

  • CrossfitMonterey

    I will be around the gym at 5 most nights so I will definitely give you guys coaching advice/encouragement!


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