Training Week 2 August 26 – September 1

Welcome to week 2 of our programming.  Hopefully now we all have our benchmark numbers to go off of (if this is not the case, let me know and I will help you figure out the appropriate loading/pacing in the upcoming workouts).

Recovery.  Make sure you are paying attention to this EVERY day.  If you fail to recover properly, you are doing yourself a disservice by spinning your wheels in training.  Recovery is how we progress in our fitness levels.  Any time you are not training, you are in recovery mode.  This means you need to pay attention to your nutrition, your sleep, rolling out on rollers and lacrosse balls, etc.  Are you feeling more beat up than usual?  Run through the list in your head, how much protein did you take in the day before, how much sleep did you get (I don’t care if you think your body operates well on 4 hours, it won’t cut it when attempting to increase performance), did you properly warm-up yesterday?  Did you rush out right after the workout without any sort of cool down?  Recovery practices can be almost as confusing as strength training at times, be sure to ask me if you are unsure about anything.



Back Squat 77.5% x 5 x 3

Press 80% x 5 x 3

3 x 20 Weighted walking lunge; add 5lbs. to both movements from last week
3 x 10 DB Bench Press

8 x 200m; leave every 2:00, goal is to maintain same pace as your best 400 from last week. Do not deviate +/-:04

Penalty: 5 Push-ups per :01



4 x 800m; 2:00 recovery between efforts, Goal is to maintain your mile TT pace each effort. Do not deviate +/-:04.
Penalty: Add up every second you were over or under your :04 deviation limit, and accumulate :10 plank/second

4 Rounds for time:
25 Squats
250m Row



RDL 3 x 5; use heaviest set of 5 that didn’t affect your form from last week as work weight

Pull-ups 5 sets with 3 less reps than your best set last week

Back Extension 3 x 10; use whatever loading you used last week

Find a steep hill that is between 100′ – 300′
5 Max effort sprints; recovery is the walk down hill(a perfect hill, the one in my mind when coming up with this interval protocol is the hill over on Prescott just downhill of where campagnos is.  It’s about two blocks long and is the steepest part of the entire road.)






Back Squat 80% x 5 x 3;

2 Power Cleans + 2 Front Squat + 2 Push Press 90% x 1 x 5; base off heaviest set of last week, full recovery between sets

10 x 100′ Prowler Push; high handle down and back, alternate with partner; same loading as last week



4 x 1 Mile; Rest 2:00 between efforts, shoot for 80% of your 1 mile pace, goal is to maintain pace across all 4 miles, not go ball to the wall. +/-:04
Penalty: 10 V-ups every second deviated





3 responses to “Training Week 2 August 26 – September 1

  • Caroline

    Caroline’s 26 Aug WOD results:
    Back squat 5×3 113# (77.5% of 145)
    Press 5×3 53#
    Superset – Walking lunge 25#/DB Bench 25#
    8×200 (pace: 0:45)

  • Caroline

    Caroline – Tuesday
    4×800 – 3:10 pace
    -3:00 (:06 penalty)
    4 rounds squat/row – 9:23

  • Caroline

    Caroline – Wednesday
    pullups: 3×2 strict, 3×3 kipping
    Back extensions – w/18# KB

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