Workout of the Day 9/6/2013


Push Press 75%x3x2, 80%x2x2


For Time:

30 wall balls

30 CTB pull ups

30 pistols alternating

30 DB snatches 70/50

Extra Work

-Max Bar Muscle ups 3 attempts

-800m Sprint (For Time 100% effort)

Post your loads and time to comments.


2 responses to “Workout of the Day 9/6/2013

  • Joshua

    I worked out at Crossfit 760 with Justin McHenry, where he kicked the shit out of me.

    Back squat: 1×20: we both did 245#
    Front rack lunges @ 135#
    Toes to bar. (I scaled my second set to k2e)

    Wod: 3 rounds: 400m run, 30 jump squats. 12:30. i did run 4 miles earlier in the day and im fat.
    *Justin did his jump squats with a 45# plate and every time he broke he had to do 3 burpees. Still got 9:18 or something.

  • Justin M.

    It was 9:23 or 9:32. Nice to have a familiar face in town. You all should come visit more often. BTW Josh made the 1×20 BS @ 245# look to easy. I was struggling.

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