Training Week 5: September 16 – September 22


Back Squat 85% x 3 x 5

Bench Press 5-5-5; add no more than 5-10lbs. each set

4 sets with no rest:
20 Jump Squats
10 DB Press

Repeat for 20 sets :90 on :60 off for total distance.  Push your pace from the beginning, you have a long rest so make sure you don’t sandbag the pace early.



Repeat 1 Mile; continue until pace deteriorates more than :10

AMRAP 7:00
10 DB Cleans 25lbs.
5 Tire Flips



RDL 3-3-3-3-3; add 5lbs. each set

Pull-ups Max reps
4 x -3 off your max set

Back Extension 3 x 10; keep same loading as last week

8 x 400m; rest 2:00 between efforts. Penalty: 5 V-ups every :01 you deviate more than :03 from your original pace.






Back Squat 3RM
95% x 3 x 2

Using last weeks complex:
90% x 5

10 x 100′ Prowler Pull; this is a backwards pull using a ring strapped to the front of the prolwer.  Think about falling backwards and performing short quick chops with your feet as you pull.



2 x 5k; Recover 5:00 between efforts.

Perform 5 Burpees for every second you deviate more than :05 off your first 5k pace





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