Workout of the Day 10/8/2013


Push Press 5RM


With a Partner

Prowler 100′ High handles for load, 2 athletes push the prowler together

Extra Work

Max Ring Dips in 2 min (Strict)

Side Plank 30sec per side x10

Post your loads to comments.


3 responses to “Workout of the Day 10/8/2013

  • Joshua

    Push press: 195×4 and missed the 5th because I’m lame. 185×5.
    Prowler: 5 wheels baby (each bar). 515#
    Max strict ring dips in 2 min: 24
    Side planks

    Mike g hitting big weight on the push press. Way to go luke on the prowler. Noon classe representing and Gianna and Mariana rocking.

    • a-then-a

      Nice Yosh!! Geez…really?!.
      So bummed I missed you guys this afternoon. I had a dental hygienist all up in my grill. On a good note, by flossing daily for 6 months I cut my cleaning time from45 minutes to 20 minutes! PR baby! lol

  • Mike G.

    PP – 235# x5 (pr)

    Prowler – 515# thanks to Josh for loading the last 90# for one last run.

    Great noon class today! Glad they started doing nooners for the full week.

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