Workout of the Day 10/9/2013


Clean and Jerk





EMOM 16 min

On odd Numbers: 8 Hang power cleans 155/105

On even numbers: 10 pull ups(CTB if too easy)

Extra Work

DB Row 8×5 Superset with Band Face Pulls 3×22

DB Strict Press 3×10

Post your loads to comments.


5 responses to “Workout of the Day 10/9/2013

  • Paul 9000

    165# 1×2, 175# 1×2, 185# 1×1

    WOD: HPC @ 115# and that felt about right. Broke up the last 2 sets.
    Hope that helps. Wasn’t sure myself how much weight to use.

    Great job 6am!!

  • Rachel

    Clean & Jerk – 120, 128, 135
    WOD – 83lb HPC, 5 pull ups (getting over being sick so I cut the pull ups in half)

  • Joshua

    C/j: 205, 215, 225

    Wod: rx’d. Almost unbroken but split of the last set of pull-ups 6-4.

    Just as a point of reference, finished the work in time for 40 seconds of rest each minute. Seems like it would be really hard to keep up without that much rest.

  • Mike G.

    C&J – 205, 225, 245

    WOD – Rx weight and was able to keep up until half-way through, then things started falling apart. Got most of the pull-ups done but maybe only 60% of the hang cleans.

    Big ups to Josh for killing it.

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