Training Week 9: October 14 – October 20


Back Squat Heavy 3
90% x 3 x 2

Bench Press 3 x 5; add 5lbs. from last week

Run 1:00 on/1:00 off until you complete 5 miles



5 x 1 mile; recover 3:00 between efforts
Penalty: :10 in plank every :01 you deviate more than :04 off your initial pace

Prowler Push +90lbs.:
5 Rounds for max distance:
1:00 work/1:00 rest



RDL 5 x 3; add 5-10lbs. from last week

Chin-ups Same as last week

Death March 2 x 100′; use 15lb. DB’s

8 x 200m; using a running clock, leave every 2:00



Rest Day



Back Squat 1RM
90% x 2 x 3

Build to max set:
7 Snatch Grip Deadlifts
7 Hang Muscle Snatch (Knees don’t rebend after hip extension, ask a coach if you don’t know what this is)

20 Minutes on airdyne; perform at a comfortable pace, not intended to be a huge struggle



10 Mile TT



Rest Day


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