Training, Week of 12/9/2013 (Taper Week for 2013 Midtown Classic)

This week’s training is obviously very sparse. Include light technical exercises before/after your lifts, and light bodybuilding and core work to your taste.


Snatch first, second, third attempts

Notes: 1: If you feel great, you can attempt a max – one miss and done.

Clean & Jerk first attempt

Back Squat 70%x2, 80%x1, 85%x1


Power Snatch 70%x1x2

Power Clean & Jerk 70%x1x2

Notes: Percentage of full lifts.
Snatch first attempt
Clean & Jerk final warm-up
Front Squat 85%x1
Snatch 5-10 total reps at 50-60%
Clean & Jerk 4-8 total reps at 50-60%

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