A Few Thoughts On Etiquette While Training

I thought I’d go ahead and highlight a few pieces of etiquette that should be observed while in the gym. With so much going on at certain times, it’s common place to see several rules being broken. This could be due to just being unaware of your current surroundings or to just not knowing what is expected of the trainee. These are pretty basic, but if observed properly will establish a smoother and safer training space.

1. Line of sight: Concentration while lifting is of the utmost importance. There are times when getting in front of someone who is doing a lift is unavoidable due to floor space issues. However we need to always be aware of what is going on around us and whenever possible, avoid walking directly in front of someone who is about to perform a set. If you are on the long platform and not currently lifting, make a habit of resting off of the platform and on the mat to the side. If you are trying to get around to the other side of a class lifting, don’t cut through the middle, take an extra few seconds and walk around the group. If you are about to cross in front of someone who is setting up for a set, stop and let them lift, then continue on with what you were doing.

2. Personal space: Just like everyones individual personal bubble, there is a personal training bubble that we need to adhere to. This is important for both the lifters concentration and the general safety of everyone around. We need to be aware of and respect the lifters training space. Everyone that comes through our doors are here to work hard and have successful training sessions. By getting in a lifters bubble we are being disrespectful to that end goal. This is especially important on the long platform in classes, and I will redirect you to point #1 about not staying on the platform while resting. As you all are aware of, we are a training facility that loves to pick things up and put them down. Sometimes due to any number of factors the weights don’t get put down exactly where we want them. The last place you want to be is under said weight. When in doubt give the lifter more space than is necessary.

3. Clean training floor: Our facility has a lot going on from 6am until we close at 8pm. With multiple programs and classes going on at all hours it is hard to keep the facility clean. We pride ourselves on being the best gym to train at in town not only due to excellent coaching and programming, but also because we have developed a kick ass community. Part of being in this community is respecting not only the training space, but the training experience of your fellow CFM members. A basic rule of thumb, if you take it out, put it back where you got it. If you make an excessive mess with sweat and chalk, take the initiative to clean it up so the next class doesn’t have to train in your mess.


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