Local Weightlifting Competition

I’m very excited to announce that the owner of CrossFit Salinas Jeremy Graves and myself are in the process of organizing a weightlifting competition that will be held here at CrossFit Monterey on January 24th. The purpose of this competition is to bring together the local CrossFit community in a fun competitive environment and to expose the great sport of weightlifting in a way that is unintimidating and geared towards those who have never stepped foot on a competition platform. As the competition draws closer we will release more details. In the mean time, this is a great chance to take advantage of the weightlifting classes and programming offered here at CrossFit Monterey to prepare.

We will encourage everyone to participate, regardless of what your numbers are. The purpose of competition isn’t just to win, it’s to challenge yourself and put yourself in a new, challenging, and maybe uncomfortable situation. Competition is the best way to learn about yourself and to inspire continued improvement in your day to day training. And what better place to take that first step than with your friends, family, and training partners?! Start preparing now, we’re going to have some fun come January!

-Coach Ryan


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